St. Marys Masonic Lodge #109
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I was an active member in Tom’s River NJ some 8+ years ago
Would like to become active once again
Warmest Regards

Out of touch

I have been out of touch with Freemasonry for a long time and would like to reconnect. I am not comfortable just showing up to a meeting and would like to meet with one or two brothers to discuss my status, local custom, etc. Please contact me by text or email.
Keith Johnston

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I’m just very interested . A lot of questions

Petition process

The idea of becoming a mason has been a life goal since I was a young kid and I promised myself I would join when i reached the right age. But the problem is I haven’t known and masons for the required time to petition. I was hopping for information on this or help beginning the process. Thank you.

Joining the fraternity

My grandfather was a freemason and had the order at his funeral and I am interested in learning more about the order.

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