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Interested in becoming a member. My maternal grandfather was a Freemason. Thank You.

Is China really a screwed up country?

If you consume CNN and BBC’s coverage of China, I am sure you are under the impression that China is a really screwed up country.

The West has a very biased view of China. China’s rise is bad for us? Is our system superior?

What is good for the West’s government is definitely good for Wall Streets and the bankers, but not necessarily good for the people.

China has a lot to offer to the average guy in the West.

Do you have a business? Consider selling to China

Do you want an incredible life experience like no others? Perhaps you can relocate to China!

What is China really like?

We share some you tube videos of Westerners living in China. Check the videos out and perhap it will change your view of China.

Or Perhaps you can visit China and seek out new opportunities there!

The Most SHOCKING Street Reactions of Foreigners living in CHINA!

Jason (from UK) China vs USA – Who Would Win? 2021 Military / Country Comparison

How China Became So Powerful

Johnny Harris – It’s a story of a certain type of capitalism

China Shaolin Martial Arts

Check out Philip Hartshorn’s experience in Shao Lin learning Kungfu!

Who REALLY Runs The World and How to Protect Yourself – Gerald Celente

Am I a Commie? – Question for YouTube Content Creators in China DMCA Copyright Violation Notification email

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