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Custom Jobs


My name is Johan, I am a PHP programmer that specializes in data driven web applications.

Anything related to PHP, MySQL, Data scraping etc.

If you have any custom jobs you can add me on skype to discuss your requirements.

Skype: cmsdevelopers


What is Buddhism? This is a way of life and not a religion. Free yourself from sufferings


Many have the misconception of Buddhism being a religion. Buddhism is really more of a way of life whch can wired our brains positively and see changes in a different light.

Since fate has brough us here, we hope you can spend some time to explore Buddhism.

We have shortlisted a few videos from youtube with regards to Buddhism, we believe your time will not be wasted:

Check out the videos in youtube here:

What is Buddhism?

Basic of Buddhism by Patrick Goodness in youtube:

Albert Einstein on Buddhism – what Albert Einstein thought about Buddhism:

Bertrand Russell (Nobel Prize Winner) on Buddha and Buddhism

There is a great deal of quality content in Youtube regarding Buddhism and how it can alleviate sufferings. During this trying times, we hope the above can help you! If you find this useful, please share with your friends! Visitors

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