St. Marys Masonic Lodge #109
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Joining the Masons

Dear Gentlemen, I am interested in joining the masons. My father, Guy Edward Meadows (USN Ret.) was a mason from 1973 till 1995 when he passed away. I read your requirements and besides my father being a member; I don’t know anyone else who is in it. I am a college graduate (BS in Recreation Program Management) from California State University Sacramento; was a substitute teacher for eight years before moving out here to be closer to my family out here
Thank You
Patrick Ellis Meadows


Hello, I am Christopher Aaron Montgomery. I have recently been stationed here in Kings Bay and I am interested in becoming a freemason. Whenever you can please contact me at my email and phone number provided so we can discuss how I can go about this. I thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day.

I just tried calling

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I would like to join the organization and change my life as well as others .

Hello I’m Giancarlo I have been traveling for a few months now and I came across an amazing member and I saw all the good things he was doing for the community and I just wanna be apart of something like that. Any information would be great .
Thank you in advanced
Giancarlo Petroski

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Questions on Relocation to Georgia

Dear Brother,

First allow me to introduce myself. I’m a member of and Past Master of Palmetto Lodge 74 F&AM in Palmetto, GA and a member of Pyramid Lodge 47, F&AM of Reno, NV. I hold dual membership and in good standing.
My wife and I grew up in Waycross and in 1978 transferred to Reno, NV with my employer. (Both of our fathers were Master Masons.) We are currently working to relocate back to Georgia/home and are looking in Camden and Glynn counties for homes. Upon relocation I want to drop my membership here in Reno and become active in the local lodge.
We have plans on being in Georgia for the month of June looking at houses, looking for a church and interviewing doctors.
At our ages 75 and 73 a concern of ours in moving is medical care. If anyone in the lodge would like to share who their doctors are (only if they like their doctor) we would greatly appreciate ANY input along these lines. We will be looking for an Internal Medicine, Cardiologist, Dermatology, Eye Doctor (MD) and any other suggestions. Do you have local doctors or have to drive to Jacksonville for medical care?
Any input you want to share will be greatly appreciated and valued.
William A Yawn III
1930 Celestial Ct.
Reno, NV 89523


Great website…. brothers, could you update it? I am a member and past master of Generous Warren #20, Monroe, Georgia, now living in Lakeland (near Valdosta) and since I am retired want to get out and do some lodge visits. It would be very cool to see what is going on…. Thanks

Interest in joining

I am extremely interested in joining your organization. I feel a need to be part of something bigger than myself while also being able to help improve and grow my local community. Please let me know what I can do to be part your great and historic organization.


How to become a member ?

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