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How To Speed Up Receivables With Digital Checks


We wanted you to know about our FairwayPay System that lets you send and receive Digital eChecks by email in minutes.

Our system was designed to;

– Avoid merchant service fees
– Send eChecks and save on envelopes and postage fees
– Speed up receivables & have customers pay by eCheck
– The Bottom line is you get paid faster

Please watch our video & we will provide you a 30 Day Free Trial.

Watch Our Video Here To Learn More (

Marty T.
FairWayPay – Marketing Dept.


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All your fantasies:


All your fantasies:


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Explore Buddhism – A Way Of Life For Your Inner Peace

Dear you,

Times are bad and many are suffering. This is a time when many are seeking solace and inner peace. While we cannot change much of what is going on around us, we can calibrate our inner self.

I personally found Buddhism (a way of life) to be really beneficial.

Do take some time off to explore Buddhism in the short videos below (including a Mantra that really sooths our soul).

Buddhism As a Way of Life – From Dough

My Path To Becoming A Buddhist – From Emma Slade

If you are curious about the “Mantra Of Great Compassion” as mentioned in the videos above, you can listen to it here and calm your soul.

Buddhism is more of a way of life than a religion. It doesnt matter what your background is, we believe everyone can incorporate Buddhism into one’s daily life.

How To Practice Buddhism for Beginners and Westerners (Daily Practice) by Alan Peto

If you find this helpful and knows someone in need of this, please do share this.