St. Marys Masonic Lodge #109

True Passive Income

The Authentic Way To Earn Passive Income From Passive Ranking Websites

Invest in real estate is best but if you have spare money, I will invest max $6500 one time to make $36,500 a year ($73000 for a 2-year package) via online passive income stream. (This is based on $5.00 a day income per site for 20 sites). Or DIY with $4077 investment to start.

For an example: buy 20 websites at approx. $15.00 a piece = $300 a year

hosting for 20 websites = $480 per year (good hosting second year- first year is usually much cheaper)

Plug in software approx. = $997.00 one-time cost

Buy content at $60 per month for 5 websites x 4= $300 (approximate) with this content last for 2 years at one article per week per site

Buy awesome landing page content with 3000 words for 20 websites x .03 cents per word = $1800

Buy images or use Canva free image for 20 sites= $200 one time

Completely hands off.

If your site earns $200 a month per site that site can sell up to $15,000 at flippa.